Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens..Think again!!

The pre-mentioned statement above does not at all simply signify that “knowledge is therefore minor to wisdom“. I personally don’t believe that. We are starting to be convinced by many that it is indeed true, but away from this stereotyped mindset.

High time we put some respect and effort in this “thing” we call knowledge. By having respect i mean putting effort in trying to acquire it, not despising it because you feel you are wise enough therefore. I have liked to convince myself that “out of knowledge, wisdom was born”..I mean wisdom itself can be having “knowledge of what’s wise”

A certain story described a “leader as a reader”, a leader who has no knowledge of present, past can never improve the people around him because he cannot improve himself. We all have our levels of inspiration, the inspirational wisdom you give to people is because of the knowledge you acquired first that bore that wisdom..

Knowledge surely does shape you, your thoughts, it humbles, it seeks, it will lead you. That’s then how you’ll know when wisdom comes in.

Therefore if you aspire to be a doctor, seek that knowledge that’ll make you a skilled doctor, read, if it’s a leader, inspire others with your wise words, you must therefore be a good reader



A cup full of love!! With sugar of Hope!!

In the Bible, Romans 13 especially verses 8-11 emphasize about love. This next write-up is not an ordinary love-written piece of love, love, love, love and more love!!! Why???

Personally I cannot look through someone’s heart or even life to see what someone may be going through, the world has greater than 7 billion people.. But that only gives me an opportunity to exercise Love for another

I have this little one year old nephew. Naturally, one year olds cannot speak much, articulation is so difficult for them, but all they do is make noise, cry, smile, laugh and you know-they be very jolly. I learn one thing from this, despite however much any normal human being could be, he or she needs to be loved. Look he is a one year old that can’t even say his own name yet but i still love him alot, I could carry him around all day if I could… why?? Because I also have hope in my heart, he still has a life ahead of him, a life of greatness amen!

This therefore pushes me to tell my fellow older people, let’s learn from this, let’s fight to ditch initial judgement based on one act… Love is seeing someone as normal despite “the abnormal” in that person because you have hope that he or she can change and enjoy the later fruit of life…

The point is let’s be slow in judgement and a few times in our actions, we serve a God who sees beyond what our eyes see, the person we desert because ge does drugs let me say could be the same person who prays every night to God for deliverance…. Only God could see our struggles when no one else can’t

To me love is therefore understanding one’s problem, and hope is doing something credible about it, e.g. praying for him, being nice to him etc. Bravery not to yield in that person’s act is exercising your faith in God. That person may eventually see the love of God for Him through you all because you exercised diligence, humility, and most especially love.

Therefore we all need love… You may only understand the love of God for you maybe only if you made love manifest in others….. If you gave to the needy, until you see that person cry even after you gave to that person, is probably when you understand what true love really is.

Reasons why I admire psycholigists, their approach to a problem is one that is a calm, tender one towards the issue. Let’s be like the psychologist

1 Thessalonians 5:14

1 Thessalonians 3:13 and 15

Christmas Blessings to you all

Jesophat Kafuko

Look, think, recall, Back to the Roots!!!


The human mind circuitry can records billions of information mostly photographically, naturally we recall according to certain patterns that occured at that particular moment of time. Quite cool!! But there’s a common weakness, failure of us to recall what we told oneself at that sad time or that meditative period when you felt you needed some inspiration from within.

All this brings up something called “Judgement“…why?? Fact is we all feel things different, but once you forget who you are, you’ll become judgemental on others. I ‘ve always had this enormous desire to become a great doctor, any normal human being knows what it takes to be one, this leads me to think that certain people have probably stronger passions or love for certain things therefore this changes how someone does things, preferably one becomes more hardworking, works with value and dignity name it!!

In my view, being a doctor you need to build knowledge and trust within yourself that you can do it, but I recall constant statements like “He thinks he knows it all” others say “He thinks he trusts himself too much”….This keeps me wondering, are people having smooth life journeys

Lucky Dube once sang” I am going back to my roots, reggae music is all i need” Fellow humans let’s not forget why we are where we are today.

You’ve struggled enough in life not to forget your one goal, achievement, seeing another person succeeding in the right manner doesn’t mean you should become judgemental, rather tap the blessing or have it your way in a rightful manner


Jesophat Kafuko