Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens..Think again!!

The pre-mentioned statement above does not at all simply signify that “knowledge is therefore minor to wisdom“. I personally don’t believe that. We are starting to be convinced by many that it is indeed true, but away from this stereotyped mindset.

High time we put some respect and effort in this “thing” we call knowledge. By having respect i mean putting effort in trying to acquire it, not despising it because you feel you are wise enough therefore. I have liked to convince myself that “out of knowledge, wisdom was born”..I mean wisdom itself can be having “knowledge of what’s wise”

A certain story described a “leader as a reader”, a leader who has no knowledge of present, past can never improve the people around him because he cannot improve himself. We all have our levels of inspiration, the inspirational wisdom you give to people is because of the knowledge you acquired first that bore that wisdom..

Knowledge surely does shape you, your thoughts, it humbles, it seeks, it will lead you. That’s then how you’ll know when wisdom comes in.

Therefore if you aspire to be a doctor, seek that knowledge that’ll make you a skilled doctor, read, if it’s a leader, inspire others with your wise words, you must therefore be a good reader



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